Best Smart Rings to manage your health

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Best Smart Rings to manage your healthSmartwatches may be the rage when it comes to health tracking, but many people don't want to use a smartwatch. Whether it's the design choices – or lack thereof – or the fact that many smartwatches lack multi-day battery life, smartwatches only serve the health tracking needs of a subset of potential customers.

For everyone else, attention has turned to more traditional bands and wearables. From devices like the Whoop band to a plethora of rings and other trackers, there are alternative options that can be used to track your health without putting a screen on your wrist.

The most popular of these alternatives are Smart Rings, a nascent category for many years, but is now rapidly growing in popularity. That popularity also means competition, and we now have a range of Smart Rings that can track some, all, or even more than the smartwatches category that came before it....

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If you like your privacy than this is a non-starter. How long until companies start selling your health info to insurance companies? It’s the same trap with autos, than you find out your insurance went up because of the info that was sold………no thanks