HP41C, a giant leap for mobile "Turing Completeness"...


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BTW, any fellow RPN Phreeks around?

"=" keys just scramble my synapses. Heehee... Still hunting an Android RPN emulation that works with PKB. Any ideas? ??
Fell in love with RPN when the only programmable calc allowed on the FE+PE exams was an hp 35S...had never heard of RPN before then...now I have that 35S, a 48SX, and a swissmicros dm42. My "desktop calc" has been the gnu forth interpreter for a while now lol

Been eyeballing swissmicros remake of the HP16c...single button press for bin/hex/octal functions are handy when working with older plcs

I tried free42 on the pocket, and the kb seems to work for everything except numbers (of course)