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Model SQW100-1

Everything runs painfully slow.

1. Youtube (min. 1080p) - SuperTube no longer works. Via website only offers 720 max
2. IPTV Smarters Pro...all my APK apps no longer work or runs extreeeeeeemly slow.
3. Casual browsing - works, but areas that have videos or streaming videos do not work.

Basic use, but can't function property. After seeing the new Samsung Z4 fold phone, made me want to use my Passport again because it's actually the best size of a phone for my business use with real estate contracts and maps.

Please help - I know there are a lot of threads but a bit difficult to dig through and are relevant to today's conditions.

Thanks in advance.


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Your best bet is 1) back everything up 2) try an autoloader. Lots of helpful (and technical) folks here who can guide you (I am somewhat helpful but not very technical :LOL:).

1. You'll need to find out the PRD of your model (type *#837837# into the calling app).
2. You'll need to download the autoloader and follow the instructions, lots of posts like this one have them.

BEWARE: By wiping your phone, it may not come back as Blackberry's servers for BB10 have been shut down. "Not come back" means you may not be able to get past some set up screens.

Also, note that the BlackBerry type posts are usually made in CrackBerry Forums, as opposed to Club CrackBerry (where you posted this). If you don't understand any of the above or need further help, @conite is the resident guru.